Save Money by Installing UPVC Windows and Doors to your Home.

Published: 18th August 2010
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Due to the current economic climate some home owners are opting for diy UPVC replacement windows and doors. Realising that by cutting out the tradesmen and installing the windows and doors themselves they could potentially save quite a lot of money. Double glazed UPVC windows and doors can be bought directly from most large UPVC windows manufacturers, or alternatively you can order windows and doors from the likes of B&Q .If you are installing your windows and door yourself there are some points to consider.


At a cost some UPVC window suppliers will offer a measuring service, this is an advisable option, especially when you have limited or virtually no experience of measuring window or door openings .if you choose to measure up the job yourself, it is critical that you measure the window or door opening correctly, when taking measurements you should remove the surrounding internal facings from your windows or doors, exposing the opening and making it easy to measure. Take a note of the width and height sizes, mixing these sizes up would be a major disaster so remember to mark the different sizes accordingly


You will need to remove the old windows or doors before installation can begin, unless the property is a new build. When removing old windows or doors you should remember to use the proper personal protection, safety glasses, gloves and boots with toe protection. You may also require some assistance with bigger windows ,removing large windows by yourself is not advisable because they can be very heavy and awkward to handle ,so have someone help with the bigger window removals and installations.

When you receive delivery of your new windows and doors you will notice that they are already glazed. This will speed up the installation process .larger windows can be deglazed to lighten the load when installing them but this procedure should only be done by the pros, simply because the windows can sometimes lose their shape when the glazing units are removed. When it is time to install the windows or doors, try not to scratch any of upvc surfaces, scratches in UPVC are almost impossible to repair, so great care should be taken when you are fitting upvc windows or doors.

UPVC double glazed windows and doors can be fixed by through the frame or by metal fixing clips that are attached to the side of the profile. The fixing method will be determined by the type of property you own ,timber frame or traditionally built with all masonry .when fixing to timber framed properties usually the metal clips supplied with the windows and doors would be used, the clips would be screwed onto the internal timber structure with the correct size screws. This method of fixing is also used when fitting windows and doors in traditionally built homes but sometimes it is not possible to use this method so the alternative is to fix through the profiles with masonry fixings, usually hammer fixings are used. Before installation of windows cills will need to be fixed, this is easily done .silicone is applied onto the cill and then it is screwed onto the bottom of the window, take care when selecting the screws for this part of the job, obviously if the screws are to long they could damage the double glazed unit. When fitting windows and doors you should make sure they are level and plumb before fixing this will ensure smooth opening and closing


When your windows and doors are fitted you will need to seal externally around the profiles this will stop any draughts and leakage from the wind and rain. Low modulus silicone is preferable for this task as it is virtually non shrinkable and it comes in many colours

Terry Metcalfe writes on behalf of Polarbear Windows Experts in supplying and installing upvc windows in Bristol and luxury conservatories in Bristol.

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